Click of the GET STARTED button in RED. A CREATE ACCOUNT box will appear to create your profile. We recommend watching the GET Started Video on the HOME PAGE for Navigating the site.

Upon creating an account, Please go to the MY PROFILE tab. This will be your own profile. To the right, you will see Sports betting area with current Odds by wager type to make your picks. Your picks will be placed on your profile and recorded after the match is complete.

The leaderboard is ranked by the return on investment of units (ROI)

At launch it will be up to TheATL to bring featured bettors. Eventually the top capper of the month will become the featured handicapper.

We recommend watching the Video on setting up packages and registration to receive payments. After setting up your account, on your dashboard. On your dashboard you will see a PAYMENT SET UP button, click this button to register. YOU MUST create a Stripe account to receive funds (Paypal coming soon). Step through the prompts with your information until complete. Once complete, you can go to your dashboard and select PACKAGES Navigate to packages page. Packages can be created for daily, weekly, monthly and custom. Each package can be updated or modified at anytime here once created.

No points betting will be allowed at this time. We are trying to create an equal baseline for tracking all members,

No parlays or teasers will be allowed at this time. This intent of this site is to verify amateur and professional sports bettors by tracking units won and return of investment for all users of the site.

We are seeking to create a baseline for our customers with high value plays which yield maximum return on investment. High moneyline plays do not meet this criteria

Minimum Risk is 1 Unit with a Maximum Risk of 5 Units per match

Once you create packages, any member can buy plays from you on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom date range basis. Any member can click on the hyperlink on your name on the leaderboard, which takes them to your profile. There they can purchase your plays. Please note, TheATL will charge a commission to sell plays and packages on our site. The amount ranges from 25% to 50% based our your ranking on the leaderboard.

The intent of this site is to create transparency in the sport wagering market place so members know what they are purchasing, ROI of the package and the success rate of all members. The commission fees go to the members who service the account, the data feeds which supply the daily sport book information and rate the plays and the marketing of the site. TheATL will be extensively marketing this site and all members.

The Handicapper pages is not active and is a phase 2 of the project. It is our intent to have handicapper tournaments where the best of the best can compete whereby the winners will win significant cash prize awards.

Your bio will be limited to an amount of characters as indiciated in title. If you exceed that amount, the bio will not update. Please note we restrict you from mentioning any third party sites to redirect traffic to your own site, social media or messaging links. Any of these actions could cause the account to be deleted including forfeiture of any amounts owed.

Note as part of our new launch THEATL will not charge commissions on any sports bettor / handicapper selling packages until 60 days after our launch.

The TOP 5 Leaderboard on the HOME PAGE ranks any member by ROI however in order to qualify for this special board, the member sports bettor must win AT MINIMUM 10 UNITS before being listed on this board. This board is reserved for the BEST in the SPORT and will be subject to special prizes and rewards from THEATL ownership.

Official Contest Format & Rules 1. Contest will utilize TheATL TOP 5 LEADERBOARD on HOME for Rankings 2. Each Contests duration will be for a 14-day period by SPORT 3. To qualify, you must win a NET UNIT amount of 10 in the given 14 day period. 4. Players can place wagers on the MY profile Page by Sport 5. Tournament starts 8am (Start date). Contest ends on (End Date) at 8AM EST. – See attached Schedule 6. Contest will be decided by best ROI in period with a minimum 10 Units Won in 14 day period. 7. NOTE: CONTEST ONLY APPLIES TO THE TOP 5 LEADERBOARD as other leaderboard sorts by ROI only with no minimums at this time. 8. Players can choose from a daily list of active games in the NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, NBA, NHL 9. No parlays, Teasers or Live betting is available 10. Odd are restricted -300 or under 11. Players can make moneyline, spread, and over/under bets on any active games during the contest week. 12. The maximum a player can bet / Risk on a single game is 5 Units with the minimum Unit of 1. 13. The maximum number of picks on a match type is 1. You can’t bet on that match again to add Units after initial play. 14. The winner is the player with the highest ROI (Return on Investment) with a minimum Amount of 10 Net Units Won by Sport. 15. 1ST Place will win $150 and 2nd Place $100 for each Sport whereby they qualify and meet the criteria as defined by the rules here within. 16. Winners will be paid within 5 business days of conclusion of competition 17. Players must be a member, sign up for account and complete a Stripe / Paypal set up to qualify so they can collect payments. 18. We encourage you to set up packages on your profile so members can purchase your plays. 19. TheATL reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding rules. All decisions by TheATL will be final for determining the winner/winners of all competitions.

Go to your dashboard. Look for your name and ICON to the top right. Click this ICON and My profile with pull up. Select MY profile.

If you select Verified, your plays will be entered into the Leaderboard and Top 5 boards. This will be the BLUE verified button. If you turn the button off, it will turn GREY and it tracks your record without placing that wager on the leaderboards.